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Welcome to More Than Pets

Thank you for coming to visit our multiple pet family here at More Than Pets.  All of our pets were formerly homeless, abandoned or abused pets.  These rescued pets were considered to be unadoptable due to old age, ongoing health concerns or behavioral issues.  Yes, they're more than pets. They're family!

I have provided foster care for rescued and homeless pets as a volunteer with the SICSA Pet Adoption Center for over 25 years.  From this experience I learned firsthand about the horrors of animal cruelty, neglect and the continuing problem of pet overpopulation.  It is my hope that a glimpse of how my rescued pets became devoted, loving members of our family will persuade others to adopt from a shelter and understand the importance of spaying and/or neutering their pets. We advocate responsible pet ownership not only through our volunteer work with homeless animals, but also by setting an example.