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Tips For Choosing A Boarding Kennel

Unless a kennel is highly recommended by a trusted friend or family member, always make arrangements to visit the facility before making reservations to board your pet. Reputable boarding kennels welcome visits and will be happy to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have.

A few things to look for when you visit:

  • Does the facility look and smell clean?
  • Is there sufficient ventilation and light?
  • Is a comfortable temperature maintained?
  • Does each dog have his own adequately sized indoor-outdoor run?
  • Do the runs and/or cages appear to be adequately secure?
  • Do all the pets have fresh water available?
  • Are cats housed away from dogs?
  •  Is there enough space for cats to move around comfortably?

Ask questions!

  • Are veterinary services available?
  • What vaccinations are required?
  • How often are the kennels cleaned and with what?
  • Will your pet be walked or receive a daily exercise period?
  • What is the feeding schedule and what type of foods are available?
  • Can you bring your own food if your pet requires it?
  • Can you call to check to see how your pet is doing?


Roger the cat
Roger, the baby of the family!