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The Newfies

MazieThis is Mazie.  At five years of age, she knew nothing about being a pet.  She lived in a barn with a number of other Newfoundlands.  She had never stepped foot in a house or played in the grass.  Her entire world was the confines of a barn.  Her human interactions were limited.  She never knew what it was like to be loved.  

Mazie is a Newfoundland who spent all of her adult life having litter after litter of puppies.  She was owned by an individual who claims to be a reputable breeder.  This "reputable" breeder determined that it was time to discard Mazie and several other Newfoundlands in order to make room for new breeding stock.  The owner wasn't concerned with where they went as long as they were gone.

When Mazie arrived here in the spring of 2004, she was infested with intestinal parasites, fleas, ear mites and had a severe uterine infection.   After receiving much needed veterinary treatment, she was spayed.  In a relatively short period of time, Mazie learned a whole new way of life.  She likes living in the house with our other dogs and she's now housebroken.  She discovered the pure joy of running and playing in the grass on a sunny day.  Best of all, Mazie finally learned what it feels like to be loved.

BooBoo also came from a "reputable" breeder.  He and lots of other Newfoundland puppies began their lives in a shed.  He was born with an umbilical hernia.  Rather than spend the money for the surgery he needed, his owner simply gave him to the first person who came along.  There were no questions asked as to what kind of home he was going to and very little information provided about his health.  I'm so glad that we were the first people who came along.

Boo was only three months old and was extremely timid when he arrived here.  After a couple of weeks of living in our home and interacting with people, he has become the typical playful and friendly puppy.  Boo is now up to date on his vaccinations and free of intestinal parasites.  He has also had surgery for his umbilical hernia and has been neutered as well.  Boo was fostered by one of the caring members at Newf Rescue in northern Ohio until he found his forever home.

LucyThis is five year old Lucy.  Her story is identical to Mazie's.  As a matter of fact, they both came from the same place and seemed to be thrilled to see each other again.  Lucy is a friendly, happy-go-lucky girl who's thrived on all the attention she received!  

Her care was entrusted to the folks at Newf Rescue where Lucy received medical attention then placed into a foster home until she was adopted into a permanent loving home.