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Pet Boarding

I have owned and operated a pet grooming business since 1983. It was not uncommon for many clients to ask if I could provide pet care during their absence and I often did. It seemed that quite a number of pet owners were unhappy with the quality of care provided by boarding kennels. I was curious why so many people felt this way and asked questions. I discovered that people had a variety of concerns. Many complained that their pets were usually smelly when they came home from a kennel. Some felt that the commotion and noise level in large boarding kennels was too stressful for their pets. A few people owned pets who had special needs that could not be accommodated by most kennels. Almost everyone I talked with felt that their pets were simply warehoused and received very little, if any attention.

I decided to offer an alternative to the standard boarding kennel and our boarding was born in 1989. We are a small facility that provides one-on-one care and personal attention to each and every pet. We strive to maintain a clean, comfortable and homelike atmosphere. Within our heated and air-conditioned building, all dogs have their own individual inside run with an adjoining outside run. In addition, they receive individual leash walks and playtimes within our fenced three and a half acre property. Cats enjoy spacious kitty condos and indoor playtimes, too. We pleased to serve only Orijen, the highest rated pet food on the market.  Of course, pet owners are always welcome to provide their own food if desired.

We cater to those pets who have special needs, regardless of whether those needs may be medical or behavioral. Any special care and/or medication you bring for your pet will be administered according to your instructions at no additional charge. We also provide extra attention to senior pets and those who have behavioral issues such as separation/fear anxieties.

Our goal is not only to provide a safe, clean environment but also to make each and every pet's visit as comfortable, stress free and enjoyable as possible. We consider your pet family, too! Be sure to read our tips for choosing a boarding kennel.

The vivacious Miss Gina

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Find us on Facebook!