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Pepe' Le Pu

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in late August 2003 when a neighbor appeared at our door holding a scrawny, screaming kitten and asked if we would take it. She said it had been hanging around in her backyard and wouldn't leave. It just sat in the bushes crying constantly. Knowing our neighbors are not especially fond of cats, I was grateful she brought him to us instead of letting him fend for himself. I took the kitten from her without a moment's hesitation.Pepe' Le Pu

He was only about seven or eight weeks old. The side of his face was scraped up and bleeding. He smelled just terrible, was infested with fleas and despite his huge round stomach, he was so thin I could count his ribs. He was also very dehydrated and in a matter of seconds I knew why. The poor baby had such severe diarrhea, the stool just ran out of him like water and he never stopped screaming. It's times like this I am so grateful to have a veterinarian who is on call 24 hours a day. I knew he needed help immediately. So on this beautiful Sunday morning I rushed him to my vet

My vet took a whiff of his stinky smell, saw the white stripe down his back and christened the kitten "Pepe' Le Pu". She treated him for the worst case of round worms she said she had ever seen, which accounted for the severe diarrhea. He tested negative for feline leukemia, received his first set of vaccinations, had the abrasions on his face tended to, was treated for the fleas and began medication for the round worms.

Pepe' is without a doubt the friendliest and most affectionate kitten I have ever seen. After only a few days of TLC, he looked and smelled 100% better. He must have felt better, too because instead of screaming Pepe' purred! After he received his second set of vaccinations and was clear of his worms, Pepe' was neutered.  It wasn't long after that Pepe was adopted.  Even though I missed the little guy, I was thrilled that he found his forever home.