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Misha and Flash, The Parking Lot Kittens

MishaA few years ago I was at a local shopping center. As I was walking from my car to the cool comfort of the grocery store on that blistering hot day I noticed a dirty cardboard box sitting in an empty parking spot. I had an uneasy feeling about that box. So I walked over and took a look inside. Inside the partially closed box sat two very frightened and very hot little kittens. I scooped them up, rushed back to my car and turned on the air-conditioner.

As the kittens cooled off, I was fuming. How could anyone just leave two defenseless kittens sitting in a box in a parking lot on a 90+ degree day? I postponed my shopping trip and took them home.

After a thorough veterinary examination, theyFlash received their immunizations and were made available for adoption through a local pet rescue and adoption center. The friendly and outgoing Misha was quickly adopted by a great family.  Flash was so shy and fearful that nobody ever expressed any interest in him.   After several months at the adoption center, I brought him home and he found his forever home with me. 

Incidentally, that cardboard box sat untouched in the shopping center parking lot for three days after I brought the kittens home.   It would have been a death sentence if I hadn't have been curious enough to take a peek inside.