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MagooI wasn't looking to add another dog to my fur family, but in early March of 2004 a friend told me there was a Collie at the animal shelter who was slated for euthanasia.

Collies are my favorite breed. I just had to go to the shelter to see for myself. Sure enough, in a dog run, laying on the cold concrete floor was an emaciated old Collie. I spoke to him and he gave his tail a weak wag, but he simply didn't have the strength to stand up. It just broke my heart. When I inquired about him, I was told he was picked up as a stray the previous day and was so weak he had to be carried. If no owner came to claim him in two more days he would be put to sleep.

When the shelter staff said nobody adopts old dogs. I told them I would adopt him if his owners didn't come forward within the next two days. But without medical care, I doubted that he would survive two more days. I contacted my vet and arranged to have him moved to the veterinary hospital to receive the care he needed during the waiting period. After two days of veterinary care, he was up and walking about. No owner ever stepped forward to claim him.  So I officially adopted him and named him Magoo. He led a pampered and happy life with us until he died of heart disease in June of 2005.