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The Dog in a Ditch

RobbieA few years ago in early August as I coming home from the vet, I saw a dog on a rural road not too far from my home. He would lay in a ditch by the road and watch the traffic go by. Every now and then he would see a car that interested him, run into the street and jump at the car. The cars slowed down but never stopped. A couple of times he was nearly hit. I guess I wasn't driving the right make and model because he didn't run out to my car. He just laid in the ditch. I pulled over and walked to where he was laying. He was emaciated and covered with flies. His ears were scabbed and bleeding from the fly bites. I saw scars on his face and noticed he was wearing a collar but no tags. I knelt down and offered him some food which he gobbled up then slipped a lead over his head. When he stood up I could see that he was a Golden Retriever puppy, probably no more than 6 - 8 months old.

I loaded him into my car and drove up and down the road, stopping at what few houses there were to see if anyone owned him or knew who did. Nobody knew where he belonged, but a few people told me he 'just appeared on the road' one day last week and just hung around there. Someone even said 'he was nothing but a traffic hazard'. Of course, no one bothered to help him or give him food/water or even call the shelter. I guess they must have thought he would either wander off or just die. He did neither. He came home with me.  Although I thought it would be futile, I did some more checking to see if someone lost him. I called the shelter, the humane society and checked the lost and found ads. Nobody had reported him missing. Apparently he was dumped on that road and he was waiting for his person to return for him.

In the meantime I gave him a much needed bath and we were off to the vets. He received his vaccinations, was put on medication for his fly bitten ears and started on a heartworm preventative. I named him Robbie. Over a week had passed. His ears were healing and his too thin body was beginning to fill out. Still no one was looking for him.  So I had Robbie neutered and taught him a few basic obedience commands.

I continued to provide a foster home for Robbie after I registered him with a local pet rescue and adoption center.  It wasn't long before a wonderful family came along and decided he was the perfect dog for them.